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You can make a lot of money with email marketing... but most marketers are only scratching the surface when it comes to what's possible. The courses and tools below will transform the way you think about email marketing.

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Mastering ConvertKit
upgrade your ConvertKit account
The 20 Most Important Email Marketing Best-Practices
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Black Friday / Cyber Monday for Creators
*make* money, don't just spend it, on BFCM

Master Class

Mastering ConvertKit

If you use ConvertKit, you owe it to yourself (and your subscribers) to deliver "the right message, to the right person, at exactly the right time."

This in-depth course equips you with the high-level strategy and the technical training necessary to create the ultimate email experience for your list. From optimising your opt-ins to A/B testing, this program provides a clear plan-of-action for making ConvertKit your business' M.V.P.

Wow, this course was mega practical. It has helped me hone my automation skills, enabling me to charge far more $$ for the kind of advanced work that's so in-demand right now.

Brennan is an expert at breaking down complex tasks into manageable bites, and faithfully coaches the less-techy of us through the language of Liquid. I can't recommend this course highly enough for anyone who wants to move into the world of automation.

Online Course

Segment With Surveys

Want to truly understand your audience and personalize your emails? The first step is segmentation. This course gives you everything you need to segment your email list with surveys.

I started working with Brennan about 6 months ago. My goal was simple: learn more about my readers and customers, and do a better job positioning the right products and services for them at the right time.

I now have 90,000+ data points on my customers, understand exactly what they are looking for, and how I can best serve them.

I'm booking more revenue than ever and my customers have never been happier with the products they've purchased. A total win/win. Brennan has become like a quasi-business partner to me. Highly, highly recommend his work.

Bite-sized course

The 20 Most Important Email Marketing Best-Practices

"What are the things I absolutely should AND shouldn't do when it comes to email marketing?" I've been asked permutations of this question countless times over the years, and in this 2-hour workshop I list out the 20 ideas and strategies that guide every email marketing decision I make.

My summary of @brennandunn's "20 Email Marketing Best-Practices" workshop:

Holy SHIT 🔥

Piles of excellent advice for making a living selling expertly designed processes that help your customers achieve their goals.

I'll be unpacking this for years!

Bite-sized course

Black Friday / Cyber Monday for Creators

Find out what it takes to prepare your list for the ultimate Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotion. Traditionally considered an e-commerce "holiday" (😳), there's plenty creators can do to tastefully deliver highly effective BFCM campaigns.