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Build a ridiculously profitable online business with ConvertKit.

Mastering ConvertKit has helped 550+ creators go beyond the basics. Inside is everything you need to segment your audience, personalize your messaging, automate your funnels, and profit from perfectly timed and super relevant pitches.

This has to be the hands-down most value jam-packed, well organized & thorougly thought out program I’ve ever purchased.

– Robert Smith

20+ Hours Of Tutorials

From beginning list segmentation to sending SMS messages in your automations, no matter your goal with ConvertKit – you'll learn how to reach it

"Zero Fluff" Guarantee

Students love how actionable every lesson in the course is. If you're looking to truly master ConvertKit and email marketing, you're at the right place.

At Your Own Pace

When you join, you'll get lifetime access to the content and community. And you'll get new updates monthly as ConvertKit continues to evolve.

You use (or plan on using) ConvertKit...

You know how important email marketing is for your business...

You want to send super personalized emails to your list...

You want to give your subscribers an incredibly rewarding and rich experience...

But here you are, sending one-size-fits-all newsletters and sales emails to everyone on your list with ¯\(ツ)/¯‍ results and lots of time spent running around on the content treadmill.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by email marketing and automation. You’ve heard all the conference talks and podcast interviews touting how badass marketing automation is. You've read the articles about these businesses that have ridiculously sophisticated and sexy automation yielding even more ridiculous revenue.

But making email marketing work for your business? And ensuring you're doing it right? Well, that can seem like a pipe dream. Instead, you're...

  • Staring at a hot mess of tags on your subscriber dashboard (“ I segmenting correctly?”)

  • Writing yet another broadcast newsletter and hoping your subscribers like and want what you have to say (going through your head: “this keeps my list warm, ...right?”)

  • And stressing over when you can justify doing another big launch so that you can get some much needed cash in the door.

Sound about right?

It's one thing to have access to ConvertKit. But knowing what to do with all this power...?

For many of us, logging into ConvertKit with the goal of fully automating your business is a bit like walking into a big box hardware store and thinking to yourself, “I have no idea how, but I think it's possible to build a house with all this stuff.”

Power drills, screws, lumber, and aisles and aisles of who knows what.

Or, in your case, visual automation rules, tags, custom fields, email sequences, delay timers, events, and on and on.

I have been a ConvertKit customer for years and thought I was pretty good at email automation, but it is only after taking Mastering ConvertKit that I have truly understood and been able to unlock its true potential.

I knew that Brennan Dunn was clever at email automation, but looking over his shoulder and gaining insight into the processes he implements in his own business has been enlightening. This course takes using ConvertKit to the next level.

Jo Berrington


Over the years, I’ve helped thousands of marketers and business owners better understand how to better use email marketing through keynote talks, workshops, podcast interviews, in-depth articles, and my course, Mastering Drip.

And now that I’m happily settled on ConvertKit, I wanted to create the premiere training course for someone who wants to architect the right automated marketing for their business.

More than just technicals, included is an entire framework

This course is not just how to use all the technical bits of ConvertKit.

Instead, it’s a complete tried-and-true framework on how to take your expertise and the products/services you have to offer, package it all up into a bunch of really smart automation that gets more subscribers onto your list, discover who your audience is and what they need from you, and consistently deliver highly relevant and personalized content and pitches at exactly the right time.

Quite the mouthful, eh? But the long and short of it is that you’ll be able to give your subscribers a much better experience – leading more of them to buy.

The course teaches the same framework that I've helped clients like Smart Passive Income, Copyblogger, and others use to take a systematic approach to how they deliver better, automated experiences over email using ConvertKit.

So if you’re struggling with not just how to use ConvertKit, but what you should be doing with ConvertKit, then this course is for you.

Brennan is one of the smartest marketers I know. One of the reasons he connects so deeply with his audience is the way he structures his email marketing system to create a personalized experience for every subscriber.

Barrett Brooks

COO @ ConvertKit

What's Inside

Inside you'll find upwards of 20+ hours of strategy and "over-the-shoulder" tutorials. And to help you maximize what you learn, I've included lesson notes, additional resources (like worksheets and shareable automations), subtitles, and transcripts with each lesson.

Module 1
Starting off on the right foot

In this module we cover the fundamentals of both ConvertKit and the best ways to use the available features. Here I make a case for the nurturing and pitch framework that 95% of online marketers should be using, and show you how to not only create your automation strategy – but also how to use this course to adapt your needs to this framework.

Module 2
Get even more subscribers using dynamic opt-in forms

Lead flow is the lifeblood of any successful online business. This module is dedicated to helping you get more subscribers each day through smart, segmented, and personalized opt-ins CTAs.

Module 3
Better understand your audience and their needs

Want to personalize your emails and sales pages? Then you first need to segment your audience. This module dives deep into how to profile your audience, segmenting them by who they are and what they need from you, along with lead scoring your best subscribers.

Module 4
Building trust with your audience

This module is all about building rapport with your audience by designing thoughtful and personally relevant onboarding and educational automations. More “Ah wow, this content is so great…” = More trust = More customers.

Module 5
More sales through personalized pitches

Getting your email list to buy from you is so much more than just hammering everyone with sales emails. It’s about sending smart, personally relevant emails to people when they’re ready to buy from you, and using segmentation to align what you have with what someone needs.

Module 6
Getting off the “email hamster wheel”

In this module, you’ll learn how to spend more time working on your business – and less time cranking out content to keep the lights on. I’ll show you how to set up evergreen “Shadow Newsletters” and leverage personal Offer Funnels to always pitch the right product to your subscribers, both over email and on your website.

Module 7
Doubling down on your success

From A/B testing to automatically pitching your audience on the products or services they haven’t yet bought, this module is dedicated to helping you increase customer value and optimize your conversion rates across the board.

Wow, this course was mega practical. It has helped me hone my automation skills, enabling me to charge far more $$ for the kind of advanced work that's so in-demand right now.

Brennan is an expert at breaking down complex tasks into manageable bites, and faithfully coaches the less-techy of us through the language of Liquid. I can't recommend this course highly enough for anyone who wants to move into the world of automation.

Jeni Bee


Mastering ConvertKit is designed to work for you, no matter how much experience or time you have.

Hours of content? I don’t think I have the time!”

No lie: this course is deep. It’s in-depth. It’s looong. But don’t let that worry you, especially if you’re just getting started with email marketing.

When you begin the course, I’m going to prescribe a set number of lessons for you. These lessons take just a few hours to go through and implement, but they’ll get you started with doing some basic segmentation and having some solid automation in place.

I don’t expect you to go through everything I’ve included right away. You’ll start with getting your basic building blocks in order, and over time you’ll layer on optimizations – like sending your subscribers SMS messages during a pitch sequence – that make what you have even better. You have lifetime access to the material, there’s no rush.

(Preemptive shoutout to that person who will binge all the material in one sitting. When you join, you get everything all at once. So enjoy!)

It’s amazing. Nope. It’s “holy-shirts-and-pants-batman!” amazing. Over the years, I’ve purchased quite a few courses/programs. Some have delivered value, some haven’t. This course though… Holy crap Brennan, it’s really well done. This has to be the hands-down most value jam-packed, well organized & thorougly thought out program I’ve ever purchased. Ever.

Robert Smith


Oodles of bonuses

Besides the lessons, I've also bundled in bonus classes, workshops, and templates.
  • Quickstart Guide

    This guide will provide you with a handful of handy checklists for getting set up the "Mastering ConvertKit way".

  • "Fly On The Wall" With Pat Flynn & Smart Passive Income

    I taught a 2-day email marketing workshop for Pat and his team in 2020. I've included in this course the raw recordings, along with the transcripts and my takeaways.

  • Behavioral Segmentation Workshop

    In this workshop, I outlined a handful of strategies and examples you can use to segment your audience based on how they behave: what content they're engaging with, where they came from, etc.

  • Segmentation With Surveys Workshop

    In this workshop, I covered the ins-and-outs of using survey funnels and quizzes to not only generate leads, but to also provide a treasure trove of segment data to help enrich your list.

  • Building An Offer Funnel From Scratch

    In this workshop, I built a start-to-finish Offer Funnel from scratch and showed those present how it could be used to always pitch "the right product/service, to the right person, at the right time."

  • 20 Automation Best-Practices and Recommendations - Crash Course

    This is an almost 2-hour long crash course on the top twenty automation best-practices that I inevitably share with both clients and anyone who wants to sit down and talk shop with me.

For the last few weeks, my family and I have been basically living at a children’s hospital whilst our daughter has been fighting cancer. Since this whole thing started I've had zero time or energy to focus on work. However, sales have continued to come in for my courses/ebooks. In fact, the rate of sales has even increased slightly.

This is all thanks to the systems I have in place, largely thanks to Mastering ConvertKit, so I just wanted to drop you a huge thank you for everything you're doing. This stuff works!

Jon Hilton


Get instant access to the entire program.
Join 550+ other creators who are sending the right messages, to the right subscribers, at exactly the right time.

Ends Soon: Get Lifetime Access To The Course + Future Updates

3 x  $400 USD
plus tax (if eligible)
which means: 3 monthly payments of $400 (or pay in full upfront for $1000)

All the material and community support you need. Lifetime access.

  • 20+ hour library of in-depth strategy lessons and video tutorials

  • Action plans based on your business type

  • Online community of 550+ marketers and entrepreneurs who use ConvertKit

  • Monthly group coaching and implementation help (for 1 year)

  • Resources (worksheets, importable visual automations, etc.) to help you apply what you learn

  • Bonuses: automation workshops, live strategy sessions, and interviews

  • All video lessons closed captioned and include a transcript

  • Lifetime updates

  • Optional: Get a full ConvertKit account and strategy analysis from Brennan

Hey Brennan, I just wanted to quickly share: this course is so great! So much depth yet easily accessible even if you’re short on time. And you make it so easy to follow along. You have expertise showing through in every video. Really great! It was a steal for what I paid.

Holger Frohloff


Should you join? Here's what I think...

Not everyone is right for Mastering ConvertKit. And while I offer a full guarantee, I want to make sure I don't waste your time.

You'll love this course if:
  • You want to maximize the performance of your ConvertKit account.

  • You realize that throwing money at ConvertKit each month doesn't guarantee the results you're looking for. You want to learn and adopt a framework that's tested, and are willing to largely follow that framework.

  • You're OK with strong opinions. I do think there's a right way and a wrong way to do email marketing. And I do my best to back my opinions with as much hard data as possible.

  • You understand the "bus problem." If you (or whoever else helps you with email marketing) were to get hit by a bus, would your business, and your cash flow, continue humming along as expected? This course is designed to help you get there.

  • You want to learn "over-the-shoulder" from someone who's been selling with email for over a decade.

  • You like specifics. And you don't have much patience for "fluff"!

You'll probably ask for a refund if:
  • You're hoping that buying a course like this will suddenly fix all your business problems.

  • You don't really have anything to sell over email, and you probably won't anytime soon.

  • You don't use ConvertKit (duh!), or aren't planning to anytime soon.

  • You're OK with how you segment your list, structure your automations, and think about email marketing and are unwilling to budge in the slighest.

  • You're thinking this course is about how to write persuasive sales copy. While that's certainly something that's essential to doing email marketing right, this course focuses on the technical set up and structure of your ConvertKit account, along with the strategy that ties lead generation, nurturing, and pitching together.

  • You think tags are the bees knees, and can't imagine segmenting your list without 'em (a bit of an inside joke you'll understand once you dig into the course!)

Excuse my language but this course and the accountability emails you're sending are f#@!ing phenomenal. Thank you.

Kati Kleber


Hi! 👋 I'm Brennan.

My name is Brennan Dunn, and I'm the creator of Mastering ConvertKit.

I've been dabbling in marketing automation for over 10 years now. First with Mailchimp, then Infusionsoft, later Drip, and now I've finally settled on ConvertKit. Over the years, I've spoken at numerous conferences, hosted workshops, and have appeared on dozens of podcasts extolling the virtues of email marketing done right.

Nathan Barry, a longtime friend and the CEO of ConvertKit, asked me to create a course comparable to my best-selling course on Drip, Mastering Drip, for his customers. A year later, that course now exists – clocking in at over 20 hours of in-depth lessons on not only how to use ConvertKit, but how to master email marketing.

Brennan's course, Mastering ConvertKit, took me from basic sales funnels to master marketer. The course helped me realise how much smarter you can be with your email marketing and all the possibilities when it comes to ConvertKit. It's very tactical and I really enjoyed watching as Brennan built out automation workflows in real time.

Paul Minors


Mastering ConvertKit gave me the confidence to finally get away from MailChimp and build a serious email marketing system in ConvertKit the RIGHT way. I was totally afraid of messing everything up but Brennan showed me how to set up everything step by step, in incredible detail (including truly next-level strategies like creating personalized offers based on custom field data).

If you use (or want to use) ConvertKit, then there's really no competition out there… Mastering ConvertKit is THE ultimate CK course that will help you 10x your results.

Csaba Borzasi


Common questions

Once you purchase, you'll get immediate access to everything inside the course. Nothing is "dripped out" – you're free to jump head first into things.

Howeverrr... that's likely a bit overwhelming. The first few lessons help you understand what's inside the course and prescribe a standard list of lessons that will get you 80% of the way there.

You'll also be delivered a fully personalized post-purchase series of emails, sent out over the next few weeks and months. Think of this as a "virtual book club" – it'll present you with challenges, action items, and references within the course.



  • WATCH FIRST: Defining Your Big Picture Automation Strategy [38m]

  • Using Tags (a cautionary tale) [19m]

  • Using Custom Fields To Segment [10m]

  • Naming Your Tags & Custom Fields

  • Visual Automations and Automation Rules: Pros And Cons Of Each [31m]

  • Liquid Templating [1h 13m]

  • Liquid Templating Cheatsheet

  • Using “Flag Tags” For Events [8m]

Growing Your List

  • ConvertKit’s Built-In Forms [28m]

  • Using On-Site Survey Funnels To Profile New Subscribers [17m]

  • Dynamic CTAs To Increase Opt-in Rates [12m]

  • Segmenting By On-Site Behavior [11m]

  • Globally Handling New Subscribers [15m]

Understanding Your Audience

  • Coming Up With Your Segmentation Strategy [41m]

  • Using Hosted Surveys To Segment En Masse [17m]

  • Creating An Offer Funnel [40m]

  • Lead Scoring: Not All Subscribers Are Created Equal [40m]

  • How To Use Link Triggers [11m]

Onboarding New Subscribers

  • At-Your-Own-Pace Email Courses [23m]

  • Creating Elastic Email Courses [17m]

  • Pitching To New Subscribers [48m]

  • “Why Didn’t You Buy?” (And How To Rescue The Sale) [21m]

  • Freebie Followups: How To Onboard Through Lead Magnets and Content Upgrades [37m]

  • Auto-Pruning And Cleaning Your List [21m]

Pitching Made Easy

  • Product Launches Done Right [1h 1m]

  • Personalizing Sales Pages [35m]

  • Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Seasonal Sales [31m]

  • Sending SMS Messages [16m]

Nurturing Your Audience

  • Shadow Newsletters [29m]

  • Dynamic P.S.’s [22m]

  • Using Preview Text To Increase Open Rates [13m]

  • Using Content Blocks To Structure Your Emails [24m]

  • Progressively Profiling Subscribers [13m]

  • Glossary Automations [16m]


  • A/B Testing [15m]

  • Increasing Customer Success Rates, Getting Testimonials, And Cross-Selling / Up-Selling [45m]

  • Keeping Your Site’s CTAs In Sync With Your Email Marketing’s [12m]

  • Cleaning Up Your Email Backend [1h 4m]

Truthfully, most customers only really need to go through a portion of the course to be successful. Depending on your goals and the type of business you run, some of what I teach won't really be necessary.

That being said, for most customers, it's going to take about 6-8 hours to consume and review the material they need to start. Then budget 2-3x time that put into place the "LBPS" and Shadow Newsletter sequence that I recommend most students create, along with the Offer Funnel that backs everything.

From there, you'll likely be progressively optimizing this initial system and dig into lessons that cover things like sending SMS messages through ConvertKit. These future tasks will help you optimize for the conversions the initial course work helped you create.

Two things: To separate away your time from income, and to stop treating your email list as one giant, monolithic block of people. Both of these benefit you AND your subscribers/customers.

If your subscribers are sent emails based on a default persona that you believe you're writing to, and these emails are delivered based on your timeline rather than timed around when it makes sense for them to hear from you, then you're doing your list a disservice. You're forcing them to buy from you when it might not make sense, and all the while you're speaking to them impersonally.

This course will help you better understand who your audience is and allow you to speak to them with specificity. On top of that, you're not going to need to be continuously "turning the wheels", so to speak, of your online business and planning out live launch after live launch. You'll be able to focus your time and energy on creating new products, building your audience, and better serving your existing customers because the automations you'll create will ensure that people are being pitched and sold only when they're receptive to buying.

Companies of all types have benefited from Mastering ConvertKit. The roster of happy customers includes coaches, software companies, digital course creators, affiliate marketers, freelancers and agency owners (who use what I teach for themselves and their clients), bakers, authors, professors, and even a metal band in Minneapolis.

Whether you're B2C or B2B, at the end of the day you're trying to get human beings to ideally do business with you. This course presents a new framework for learning about who someone is (both how they identify and what they want), and then using that to create a compelling case for why they should do business with you. Regardless of if you're selling $100,000 enterprise deals or trying to get your fans to crowdfund your next album, the strategies you learn in this course are pretty universal.

Ha 😀 I knew someone would ask! No, this course is strategic. It's centered on helping you design and plan out how to use a tool (ConvertKit) to accomplish an end (more relevance, more sales.)

Much of what I teach in the course does go well beyond what you'll find in the help docs. For example, I focus a lot on Liquid templating and how to personally craft messages to make them super relant to your subscribers; the CK help docs limit their usage of Liquid to things like sticking someone's name at the top of an email. In this course, you'll learn significantly more than you will in the CK help docs about how to use ConvertKit. But, most importantly, you'll use how to best leverage ConvertKit.

A number of customers use platforms like ActiveCampaign,, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and other email marketing platforms.

First off, I can't guarantee that the specific tactics I teach will transfer over 1:1 to other platforms. But most of the strategies will. While many email platforms tout the same basic features, there are a few key things you want to make sure your platform supports... First, it needs to have legitimate templating (sometimes known as "mail merging"). ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, and Infusionsoft have pretty crappy email templating. Look for a platform that uses Liquid templating (ConvertKit, Drip, Second, not every platform allows for the kind of automation rule and workflow flexibility that ConvertKit supports.

Mostly compatable:, Drip
Somewhat compatable: ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Infusionsoft
Don't even try it: Mailchimp, Mailerlite

Welcome! If you have a business with customers and a product, then keep reading. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend you buy (unless you plan on delivering automation consulting to consulting clients.)

This course will help you avoid many of the mistakes that myself and my customers wish we could have avoided early on. This includes using too many tags (you'll find out why tags should rarely be used), bad naming conventions, and general structural things that – over time – end up leading to catastrophe.

Then you're in for a ride 😀 This course is going to have you completely rethink how you've done email marketing, and over time you'll completely re-engineer your email backend to make it more stable and less prone to error.

I'm strongly opinionated about how email marketing should be done, and specifically how to set things up the right way. Before I turned into a marketer-slash-enterpreneur, I was a software developer. I think like an engineer, and believe that email systems are critical to the success of a business like yours. There's no reason the thing that your business is so dependent on should be built on shifting sands. Mastering ConvertKit will help you ensure that you have a strong and profitable foundation for your business.

If this course doesn't blow you away, write in within the first 30 days and I'll give you a full refund.

I set up Brennans initial automation and sequences, by the book, in March. Up to then, my email funnel converted 5-10 of my yearly memberships per month. This had been the usual for the last year.

Since turning on the new automation, I now get about 5 times that. This has added 5 figures to my sales each month, and is still rising. Many thanks to Brennan and team for the excellent strategy and course. It's made a quicker and more noticeable difference to my business and income than anything else I've tried over the last 5 years.

Allen Matthews


Ready to start?
You've reached the end of the page! I think I've covered all the bases, but rest assured knowing that if for whatever reason you find the course isn't for you, I offer a full 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Ends Soon: Get Lifetime Access To The Course + Future Updates

3 x  $400 USD
plus tax (if eligible)
which means: 3 monthly payments of $400 (or pay in full upfront for $1000)

All the material and community support you need. Lifetime access.

  • 20+ hour library of in-depth strategy lessons and video tutorials

  • Action plans based on your business type

  • Online community of 550+ marketers and entrepreneurs who use ConvertKit

  • Monthly group coaching and implementation help (for 1 year)

  • Resources (worksheets, importable visual automations, etc.) to help you apply what you learn

  • Bonuses: automation workshops, live strategy sessions, and interviews

  • All video lessons closed captioned and include a transcript

  • Lifetime updates

  • Optional: Get a full ConvertKit account and strategy analysis from Brennan

I’ve always loved @ConvertKit but thanks to @brennandunn’s Mastering ConvertKit course. I’ve fallen in love with it more. The ability to use liquid & custom fields with the simple UI of Visual Automations it’s the perfect marriage of nerdiness and simplicity. 🤓

Jon Stewart