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Make this Black Friday / Cyber Monday your best yet

BFCM isn't just for retailers. Here's everything creators like you need to run an incredibly effective Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale to your email list.

Figured out nice hack to cut through the noise and BS of learning email mktg: Just add "Brennan Dunn" to whatever you were already going to search for.

– Rob Fitzpatrick


Over the last 6 years, my online course business has averaged about $80k/year between Thanksgiving and the following Monday.

Despite all my doubts – will this hurt my brand? cause massive unsubscribes? will no one buy outside of BFCM? – I decided to go out on a limb and sell my products at a discount starting in 2015.

Truthfully, as a one-man band that amount of revenue flowing through each BFCM has been pretty incredible – especially since I'm always away from my desk and with family and friends for the holiday.

(Have I mentioned that I LOVE being a creator?)

Anyway, here's where I think most creators screw up when it comes to BFCM...

And these are lessons I've learned over the years through trial & error with my own list, and the lists of my clients:

  1. We don't prepare our audience. We don't find out what someone is excited to do differently next year, and we don't position what we have on offer to fit that need.

  2. We don't tell people what to buy. This is especially problematic if you have a number of things you're selling. People are being bombarded with offers during BFCM.

  3. We don't personalise our offer copy. It's one thing be shown what to buy, but it's entirely different to be shown why they should buy this.

  4. We aren't smart about how we pitch. No one wants to see that the thing they own is now on sale.

  5. And most importantly... We're not strategic about what emails we send, and when. We just hammer out "BUY, BUY, BUY" messages and come off as over-the-top desperate.

While you likely will make decent money with an email or two to your list announcing that you have special offers for BFCM, where you'll really do well is when you fix the above issues with a well thought out, well executed BFCM sequence.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday for Creators

This mini-course, which takes just about 2 hours to complete, will equip with you with both the strategy and the technicals to pull off a great BFCM campaign.

Module 1
Should you do a BFCM sale?

Most creators should probably be doing a BFCM sale. Before we jump into setting up your BFCM campaign, in these lessons I’ll go over the pros and cons, along with sharing some internal data about how BFCM affects overall customer lifetime values, unsubscribe rates, and more.

Module 2
What are you offering?

What are you offering your list? From one-off “flash” products, to discounts, to bundles, I’ll cover the various ways you can pitch your list, along with my recommendations.

Module 3
How do you prepare your list?

In these lessons, I’ll show you how to best set expectations with your list about your upcoming sale (and why “surprise! here are some awesome offers” isn’t the best way to do things.) I’ll also share some powerful pre-pitch segmentation strategies that will help your sale substantially.

Module 4
What emails should you send?

Just on Black Friday? Start on Cyber Monday? Black Friday through Cyber Monday? Longer? Shorter? How many emails? What should each email say? Here we’ll explore the job and timing of each email in your BFCM campaign.

Module 5
How do you use personalisation to increase sales and decrease unsubscribes / hate mail?

Creating an above-and-beyond BFCM campaign means showing someone exactly what you have, what they should ideally invest in, and why. These lessons cover smart things like ensuring that you’re not pitching what people already own, personalising both the featured offer and the email copy to resonate best with each subscriber, and other lessons learned in the trenches.

Brennan is one of the smartest marketers I know. One of the reasons he connects so deeply with his audience is the way he structures his email marketing system to create a personalized experience for every subscriber.

Barrett Brooks

COO @ ConvertKit

Everything you need to close out the year with a bang.
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Get lifetime access to both all the course material, along with the bundled copy-and-tweak email content.

  • 5 modules worth of short, to-the-point video lessons

  • Tutorial videos to help with implementation

  • "Copy-and-tweak" sample email content to drive your BFCM campaign

  • Access to a Facebook group with myself and other BFCM'ers

  • Free updates for life

Who's behind the course?

Hey! I'm Brennan Dunn, and I've been creating products and selling them almost exclusively over email for the last decade.

Since 2015, I've been running Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotions for my company Double Your Freelancing. These sales have brought in close to $400k, and each year I've experimented with the offer, timing, and messaging to maximise sales and minimise unsubscribes.

I've also helped a number of clients set up their own bespoke BFCM campaigns.

The lessons and material that have gone into this mini-course represents everything I've learned over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you join, you'll get an email from me with a link to the courseware, along with some instructions on how the course is structured. You'll also be invited to join our private Facebook community where you'll be able to talk with me and other BFCM'ers about what you're cooking up.

The video training is just over 2 hours. Then you'll want to take the "copy-and-tweak" material I've included and load it into either a text editor or your email marketing platform (depending on how you do things) to make your own.

Not really.

This course isn't as technical as, say, Mastering ConvertKit. That being said, calculating someone's recommended product and hiding offers someone shouldn't be eligible for does require a platform that allows for conditional content and automations that can set data on someone's contact record – rather than just sending email.

If in doubt, drop me an email.

A GREAT guarantee, in fact.

If you don't feel that what I helped you with nets you the one or two additional sales you'll need to pay for this course, then write in and I'll refund you.