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"What are the things I absolutely should AND shouldn't do when it comes to email marketing?"

I've been asked permutations of this question countless times over the years, and in this 2-hour workshop I list out the 20 ideas and strategies that guide every email marketing decision I make.

In this 2 hour workshop recording, I share the 20 concepts I recommend to those getting started with email marketing, along with clients of mine who have been doing it for a while.

Here's what's covered:

  • Seeding your email list – don't depend on Google

  • Optimize early for things that don't scale

  • Don't shy away from 1:1

  • Don't focus too much on "hard" segmentation early on

  • Build in the open

  • "Scrappy" usage of P.S.'s to encourage dialogue

  • Consult -> Group work -> Live workshop -> Cohort-driven course -> Evergreen course

  • Pre-pitch, segment people based on need and identity

  • Incorporate segmentation stats into your sales emails

  • Don't focus too much about personalization initially (yeah, I went there!)

  • Forget about multiple lead magnets. Just redescribe a primary lead magnet.

  • Stop "nurturing" and start creating customers

  • Offer the shortcut vs. the long road

  • Ask people why they don't buy after a pitch

  • Live launches suck for your subscribers

  • The 3 reasons why people buy during a pitch

  • Don't throw people head first into your newsletter

  • Back your hard pitches with lots of soft pitches

  • Automate how you get feedback, testimonials, etc (it's really easy to do)

  • Get off the content hamster wheel

My summary of @brennandunn's "20 Email Marketing Best-Practices" workshop:

Holy SHIT 🔥

Piles of excellent advice for making a living selling expertly designed processes that help your customers achieve their goals.

I'll be unpacking this for years!

Joel Hooks

Founder @ Egghead

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