Beyond the basics.

My name is Brennan Dunn, and I really like email.

Create & Sell was started because, while there's a solid amount of "beginner-level" content out there on using email and marketing automation, I struggled find really in-depth content that's designed for companies who are already heavily using email.

Here's where you'd expect the usual biographical bits...

Yes, I've been doing this stuff for a while (10+ years). Yes, I've sold millions of dollars of my own products using email. And, yes, I've given talks at conferences around the world on – you guessed it – email marketing.

But let's cut to why you're really reading this page, and why you're here: what's in it for you.

  1. In-depth guides on building and selling to an audience

  2. No-holds-barred case studies from creators who make a lot of money using email

  3. Honest reviews on how the various tools that help creators stack up

  4. Little to no "info marketer" crap – i.e., artificial urgency, shock-and-awe spamming, "from the desk of Brennan Dunn..." sort of stuff