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Go beyond just first names and email addresses.

Segment With Surveys is an self paced online course that will help you discover step-by-step strategies to craft effective surveys, analyze data like a pro, and personalize your marketing for skyrocketing engagement and conversion.

Understand Your Audience

You want to send more targeted and personalized emails. To do that, you first need to segment. I'll help you easily analyze the data you'll be collecting, and teach you my framework for using this data to increase engagement and sales.

Real World Examples

I've analyzed over 13 million survey responses, and my agency has helped creators like Justin Welsh, Jay Clouse, Tiago Forte, and others survey their lists. What I've learned is captured in this course.

Step-By-Step Guidance

You'll learn how to best segment, how to capture segment data for your subscribers, how to integrate your surveys with your email platform, and how to get started using the tools you already using and with no coding necessary.

I started working with Brennan about 6 months ago. My goal was simple: learn more about my readers and customers, and do a better job positioning the right products and services for them at the right time.

I now have 90,000+ data points on my customers, understand exactly what they are looking for, and how I can best serve them.

I'm booking more revenue than ever and my customers have never been happier with the products they've purchased. A total win/win. Brennan has become like a quasi-business partner to me. Highly, highly recommend his work.

Justin Welsh


Want to make better sense of your email list?

Do you want to send more targeted and personalized emails to your subscribers?

You're not alone. Just about every creator I've talked to wants to "send the right message, to the right person, at the right time," but they're unsure of where to actually start.

"How do I segment my list? What should I track? How do I do it? And will it actually be worth the time and effort required to set everything up?"

I'd like to introduce you to Segment With Surveys.

This is the culmination of close to a decade of segmenting my email list and then using that data to make better business decisions, develop new content and products, and – most importantly – deliver more personalized experiences that increase sales.

This online course presents an easy to implement framework for:

  1. Understanding the needs and pain points of your audience

  2. Creating a segmentation strategy that's technically simple and scales with your business

  3. Leveraging subscriber surveys to segment your email list

  4. Knowing exactly what and how to ask with the goal of maximizing response rates

  5. Analyzing what you learn to improve your business

  6. Avoiding common pitfalls by looking at real-world examples of segmentation surveys done right

  7. How to leverage the tools you already pay for and use

Segment With Surveys is much more than just theory. It's about actually setting up a segmentation strategy that gives you the power to make better decisions and personalize your marketing.

You'll finish the course having learned actionable strategies that you can implement immediately.

Brennan's approach to email marketing has been foundational to how we sell to our audience.

Tiago Forte

Best-Selling Author and Creator

Introducing: Segment With Surveys

This course is the culmination of close to a decade of segmenting my email list and then using that data to make better business decisions, develop new content and products, and – most importantly – deliver more personalized experiences that increase sales.

Module 1
Easy-peasy segmentation

OK, so you want to better understand your audience… how? In this first module, we’ll get on the same page. What is segmentation? Why does it matter? How much is too much? What are some mistakes creators make when segmenting their list?

Module 2
Start with your audience

Who actually is on your list – and why did they join? These two fundamental questions are going to be the bedrock of how you segment. I’m going to show you how to collect and analyze “raw” answers to these questions from your list so you can then convert what you learn into a segmentation strategy.

Module 3
Develop and implement your segmentation strategy

Before you’re ready to launch your first segmentation survey, you need to get a few essentials set up in your email marketing platform. Here you’ll learn how to create a system for segmentation that’s super easy to manage, scales with your email list, and will let you send more relevant emails.

Module 4
Creating performant surveys

Where should you survey? What questions do you ask, and in what order? Open-ended or multiple choice? How about the language and copy you use? Non-linear surveys? And what happens after someone completes a survey? All of that, and more, is covered in detail and backed by loads of performance data.

Module 5
Making sense and increasing conversions with segment data

What should you do with what you learn? I’ll show you how you can better personalize your emails and your website, refine your content and product strategy, and better understand how segments of your list spend money and engage relative to others.

Module 6
Optimizing and improving your surveys

Once you’ve created a survey, how do you improve it over time? What can you do to increase answer rates? How can you safely add or remove questions or answer options? How can you use AI to uncover what questions you should be asking – but aren’t?

Module 7
Real-world examples & analysis of segmentation surveys

Smart creators are using surveys to segment. I analyze and review how Justin Welsh, Jay Clouse, Tiago Forte, Justin Moore, and others are segmenting with surveys.

Module 8
Technical tutorials & best-practices

Learn to create surveys using the tools you’re likely already using, like Typeform, Tally, RightMessage, and more. You’ll learn how to bypass needing to ask for email addresses, show conditional follow-up questions, and integrate your surveys with your website and your email platform.

Brennan Dunn is the best in the world for email marketing and automation.

Nathan Barry

Founder and CEO of ConvertKit

Go from zero to segmentation hero.

Included are the resources, individual help, and offers you need to stop making excuses and finally get your email list fully segmented.

  • Monthly Live Office Hours

    Want me to review your segmentation strategy? Have a technical question about your survey software? Need help specific to you and your situation? You'll get 12-months of webcam-to-webcam help from me with your purchase.

  • Create & Sell: Pro Community

    You'll join 300+ other creators in the Pro community. Get advice, share what you're working on, and stay accountable.

  • $300 Credit Toward RightMessage

    Available to both new and existing customers, if you want to use RightMessage to segment your audience, I'm going to apply a pretty fantastic credit to your account (it's good to be the boss!)

Who's behind the course?

👋 Hey! I'm Brennan Dunn. I've sort of made a name for myself as "the personalization guy", and my content has helped tens of thousands of companies learn how to use email better.

I've wanted to create a course like Segment With Surveys for years. Anytime my team and I work with a new client, we start with segmentation. Anytime I launch a new product or venture, I start with segmentation.

I've seen first hand what segmentation allows for... once you've captured who your list is and why they're following you, you can then send super targeted content that gets read and acted on. My readers have asked for me to create THE authoritative framework on how to segment right – and this course is that.

When I'm not creating courses like this, I'm also running my software company, RightMessage. I'm the author of This Is Personal. And I'm the head honcho over at Slice & Dice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an email list and you want to better understand and segment that list, then I've designed this course for you.

You're going to learn how to collect "zero-party data" (that is, information someone explicitly shared with you) in a way that makes your audience want to actually share this info with you, and you'll learn how to then use what you learn to give your audience a better, more personal experience. Do this right, and you'll have more engagement and a heck of a lot more sales.

I'd love for you to use RightMessage, but it's not for everyone. It's a more expensive product, and – let's face it – there's a good chance you're already using another form tool like Typeform or Tally.

The short answer is, no. You can use any form tool you'd like to implement what I teach. I've also included technical tutorials for products like the above.

Nope. Your email marketing database will be your "source of truth" for your segmentation. And thanks to the magic of tools like Zapier and Make, just about every form or survey tool can integrate with just about every email marketing platform.

This includes technical tutorials, but it's fundamentally a course on how to go about putting together a solid segmentation strategy, and then using off-the-shelf tools to survey your list and use what you capture to segment them.

Mastering ConvertKit is a complete email marketing framework that's very specific to ConvertKit. There are lessons on segmentation, but it's not a course on segmentation. This is.

Nope! I'm intentionally making each lesson short, punchy, and actionable.

Each lesson is about 5-10 minutes, with some being slightly longer.

Some lessons, especially those on optimizing your forms and refining your segmentation, don't need to be completed right away.

Your purchase includes lifetime access, along with lifetime updates. As I add new material, you'll benefit.

If this course doesn't blow you away, write in within the first 30 days and I'll give you a full refund.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have: