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Design beautiful, conversion-optimised email templates and widgets with the Creator Email Template Pack

Everything you need to create stunning newsletter and pitch emails that look great, increase readability, and are conversion-oriented to get more people reading and buying from your emails.

Looks great everywhere

No matter the device. No matter the email client. Your emails will look great and remain compatible no matter where or how they're read.

Fully customisable

Define your brand colours. Determine your email structure. And we do the rest. Simply copy-and-paste directly into your email marketing app.


There's a reason sales pages aren't usually Google Docs. Go beyond basic email styling with a suite of custom widgets tailored to get more reads, clicks, referrals, and sales.

This Pack is fully compatible with:

I hit a point where the pain was too great to try and figure out how to automate different parts of my weekly newsletter.

I finally bit the bullet and got the Creator Email Template Pack and now I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner!

In less than an hour, I had plug-and-play templates for testimonials, featured products & articles, a REFERRAL section, and a great-looking new template for my newsletter. I can't recommend this resource enough. If you write emails for an audience on a regular basis, you NEED this template pack.

Daren Smith

Craftsman Creative

Most of us start out with basic emails: our call-to-actions are bolded blue links, testimonials or reader questions are italicised text, etc.

While this is a great way to start, eventually you want to make your emails a bit more on-brand and rememberable to your subscribers.

And, most importantly, you want your emails to convert (i.e. make you money.)

There's a reason most sales pages aren't just simple Google Docs.

There's only so much you can do with basic text formatting.

The Creator Email Template Pack includes a number of conversion-optimised widgets that are totally tailored to you and easy to include in any of your emails.

The Template Pack handles all the screwing around with HTML and CSS for you, including all the building of your own custom Liquid code. Not a coder? No problem. I am, and I've made it so you can easily design and customise beautiful email templates and conversion-oriented widgets entirely in your browser. And once you're ready, they're auto-magically outputted exactly how your email marketing app needs them – ready to be copied directly into ConvertKit, Drip, Bento, or

Here's an example of the customisable "newsletter" template, along with all the available widgets:

ConvertKit Email Templates have been such a thorn in my side for so long. I've literally been searching for months for SOME tool to help me create a custom HTML no avail.

Brennan's Template Pack is exactly what I've been looking for and it delivers way more than I could've even hoped for with it's Widget Builder. 10/10 can't recommend enough.

Jay Clouse


Superpowers you'll be able to add to all your emails

The Template Pack isn't just something to visually wrap your emails with. It also includes a suite of conversion-optimised widgets that you can include in your emails.

  • Dynamic call-to-actions

    Create standout CTAs that can be added within your content, or simply included at the footer of all your newsletters.

  • Testimonial callouts

    Tired of "This is a great course. –Jane Doe"? Add salespage-worthy testimonials to your pitch emails.

  • Reader question boxes

    Reader questions make for great newsletter idea fodder. Introduce your latest edition with a callout featuring a reader question.

  • "Click-to-tweet" widgets

    Have something to say that should go viral? Easily highlight and enable click-to-tweets in your emails.

  • Featured product or article

    Have something you want to show off or promote? Seamlessly mix in callouts for your products, articles, podcasts, and more.

  • Hidden content

    Add a "VIP" area to your newsletters. Simply drop this widget into any email to only show content to specific subscribers.

  • Reactions

    Get an idea of what readers think of your emails (no 3rd party software required!)

  • Custom signatures

    Create a signature and share it across all of your email templates.

  • Power headings

    Make your headings stand out. Simply wrap the words you want highlighted with asterisks.

  • Newsletter referral engines

    Add a gamified referral engine to the footer of all of your emails (James Clear and others are now using this exact code for their newsletters.)

  • Survey widget

    Want to know something about your readers? Capture segment info with just a click. Smart enough to only show if it needs to.

  • Progress bars

    Easily drop in a configurable progress bar into any email.

  • ...more to come

    As more widgets are developed, customers will get lifetime access and updates.

I can finally pull together awesome-looking email templates without having to worry about things looking weird in different email clients. It just works. The Template Pack is a game-changer for creators.

Ryan Baustert

Creative Director

Here's what the template pack includes as standard:

  • Templates for creators

    Included are standard newsletter, email course, and sales pitch email templates. It's easy to tailor these, or add additional templates, to fit your needs.

  • Cross-compatible

    Built on the pack of the incredible Maizzle library, your email templates (and the widgets they include) will look great in every email client.

  • Dark mode support

    Some of your subscribers might have "dark mode" enabled on their phones or computers. The template pack handles that for you, too.

  • Liquid templating

    Creating social sharing leaderboards and automatic click-to-tweet widgets requires quite a bit of ugly Liquid code. The pack handles all that for you.

  • Tailwind.css

    If you're familiar with HTML and CSS, you've likely come across Tailwind.css, which makes creating great looking designs super easy. All the templates and widgets are built using Tailwind.

  • "Over-the-shoulder" guidance

    Included are instructional videos and written guides. If you can write a sales email, you can create beautifully branded, conversion-optimised templates.

Thanks a lot @brennandunn, because of your Email Template Pack now I have to spend the first hour of every day answering emails that customers actually read 🀣. Please add me to the list of people who wished they hadn't waited so long to purchase!

James R Hull

Developer & Consultant

Who's behind the Creator Email Template Pack?

Hey there! I'm Brennan Dunn, and like you I have a business that almost entirely makes money by sending emails.

While I've created courses on both ConvertKit and Drip, a common question I get is: "Can you just figure out the 90% for me and hand it over?"

This Pack was extracted from my own marketing stack, and the work that I've helped my clients and students with. I know that you want to sell more, and I've found that doing that best requires having good looking emails that "just work", and that also include components that can show off recommended products, display social proof, and so on.

I use the Creator Email Template Pack, and I'd love you to also.

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  • Responsive templates

  • Compatible with all the major email clients

  • 13 conversion-optimised widgets

  • Dark mode support

  • Full instruction and guidance on how to use and implement

  • Easy to set up and use (even an email marketer could do it! πŸ˜‚)

  • Lifetime access and all future updates

  • Compatible with: ConvertKit, Drip, Bento, and

Frequently Asked Questions

You'll be emailed a link to the customer portal where you'll be able to jump in and start creating!

The Template Pack is now 100% web-based, so from the comfort of your computer you can not only design and tailor your templates and widgets, but when you're ready to use a widget (i.e. you're ready to include a beautiful new testimonial in your latest email) head into the Web Builder, plug in the details of the testimonial, and then just copy-and-paste what we generate for you directly into your email marketing app.


Under the hood, the templates heavily make use of a language called Liquid that the platforms the Pack supports all use for their email templating.

That's how I've been able to say that the Pack works with the tools it does. The template compilation process is smart enough to "write" the right template code for the intended email marketing app.

If your email marketing app doesn't use Liquid (Google the name of your app + "Liquid templating" to check) then you're probably out of luck. You're welcome to buy, but it's up to you to figure out how – if at all – you could port my templates to your platform.

If your platform DOES support Liquid and I don't yet officially support it, send me an email and I'll see what I can do.

While I've been using the underlying Pack for a while now, as a new product I anticipate inevitable edge cases. Just email me with what's going on and we'll figure out how to fix it.

If it doesn't work for you or doesn't give you what you thought it would, simply write in within 30 days.

Sending me an email a year after you buy with "I decided to start a pizzeria and thus aren't doing email marketing any longer" doesn't count, sorry.

No worries. Email me at and I'll try to get you an answer within a few working hours.